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Domestic blow molding machine transformation High-end plastic machine innovation is the premise

Innovation is the eternal power of sustainable development, plastic film blowing machine manufacturers understand the meaning of "innovation", not only refers to technology and product innovation, but also includes management, system and corporate culture, such as broader and deeper connotations. In the market demand structure and macro-economic environment have changed significantly in the background, plastic film blowing machine manufacturers continue to innovate and brand-new look into the development stage, production more in line with market demand products.

The application scope of the film blowing machine is mainly based on the different materials, for example, pp film blowing machine output of the membrane suitable for a variety of supermarket shopping bags, bacteria bags and other hardness relatively large tensile and brightness requirements of the bag, and high-pressure pe blown out of the film suitable for a variety of fresh bag, the return of the film suitable for a variety of garbage bags and so on, Film Blowing machine is widely used in various industries.

The current popular packaging in the market is mainly plastic, paper-oriented, plastic film blowing machine mainly blow molding industry in the market, but with more stringent requirements of the paper industry, environmental protection and energy-saving new indicators to improve the paper industry threshold, resulting in paper packaging market costs, price increase. This makes plastic packaging in the market share of the corresponding increase, stimulating the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry development, at the same time, environmental protection and energy-saving technology in the film blowing machine machinery industry attention, to promote the film blowing machine to the high-end level.

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