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Plastic industry all-round development blow molding machine contribute greatly

Blown film blowing machine is usually made of goods transport, food packaging, product preservation, biotechnology and other industries, film blowing machine quality and film blowing technology determines the quality of film forming. So a good performance of the film blowing machine in the production of film in the process of showing a good market adaptability, improve production efficiency at the same time, for people to facilitate the development of social harmony. Food packaging is the field of film applications, the film blowing machine blown out of high-grade films can be used as a commodity packaging publicity, improve business value.

Today, the film blowing machine to develop high-end technology, blown film can also be used as food preservation, such as a number of applications, take the new film blowing machinery manufacturing road. The film blowing machine blows out a special fresh-keeping film, uses the advanced technology, causes the fruit vegetables to endure to put on. This kind of preservation film is composed of a kind of nylon translucent film, the film is almost transparent, permeable, in the interlayer loaded with a quantitative sand syrup, gently wrapped in the surface of the object, this film must ensure environmentally friendly, at the same time have strong water permeability, can absorb fruit and vegetable juice, to achieve preservation purposes This special material needs to be blown film machine with high-end traction and drawing capacity, to ensure that the product film tough breathable.

Some companies use the film blowing machine to create a new type of polyethylene film, the film is used in agricultural pesticide, not only to ensure that pesticides do not degenerate, but also can not be outside the gas erosion, at the same time, this magical film in addition to the storage of pesticides, but also soluble in water, and can be painted on the surface of the film patterns. Blown film blowing machine driven plastic film to food processing and packaging to bring so much convenience, with the deepening of science and technology, blown film machine through continuous upgrading, will play a more role in promoting the plastic and packaging industry to the high-end forward.

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