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Technical Essentials of Blow moulding machine

Anticipate such environments early and make specific changes. Another is the beginning of the material is high temperature, but will slowly in the filling process cooling down, and another start is low-temperature, in the filling temperature will slowly rise up, these environments are filling equipment is difficult to deal with the completion of their own. Blowing Machine blow molding machine skills: "At room temperature, the liquid filling is relatively easy, because the material contact parts will not vary with the material temperature difference, in the filling precision density and filling rate is constant."

But in practice there are many uncertain material medium, sometimes the temperature is relatively high, so the equipment will have a certain expansion rate, in the equipment preset at the beginning of the consideration of this point, so that equipment has a certain degree of flexibility. This is called the "preset method" in machine building. So rely on some help equipment to complete the filling process, such as thermostat tank, warm trough application, so that materials can be filled in the special time to connect a certain temperature difference, not heave too large, resulting in fine density filling. This is called the "Help peripheral preset method" in machine building.

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