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China's Plastics Machinery Technology Progress Towards International Level

In recent years, China's plastics machinery technology progress in new products, new technology development speed, the starting point is higher, the main way is through the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced manufacturing technology. The development of the international market is also an important symbol of China's plastic machinery, one-third of the enterprise exports, export volume has accounted for about 30% of domestic sales, export growth rate of 20%.

Take tubing equipment For example, in the middle of the last century 90 's the introduction of the first aluminum-plastic composite pipe production line, 5 years of production of the equipment has more than 50 manufacturers, its key technologies such as aluminum pipe welding, composite have been better resolved, most of the product integrity and advanced level reached the international standards.

In the same period, the successful development of steel-plastic composite units, gas-fired PE pipe units and other advanced equipment, some key technologies are solved, such as high speed and high efficiency single screw machine for medium and high density PE processing, good mixing effect, short residence time, high precision die with no weld line and advanced setting, cooling, traction, cutting, thickness measurement and so on.

In recent years, domestic extruder also towards large torque, high speed, high efficiency and achieve a certain effect, domestic extruder is also widely used the advanced separation of screw and slotted barrel, the Machine head commonly used internationally popular for polyolefin processing of the basket-type nose and plate head, Programmable and liquid crystal display touch screen industrial computer has also been mature application.

Plastic film processing equipment using spiral head manufacturing technology gradually popularized, the superposition of the head to promote the application of Multi-layer coextrusion film has reached 5 layers, Geomembrane have adopted the internal cooling technology, the coextrusion film width has reached 2 meters.

The second approach is to strengthen the development of intellectual property technology through technological innovation. Beijing Enami professor and Beijing Feng Kee Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a grinding disc mixing extruder, compared with traditional mixing equipment, improve the fineness of materials, dispersion and other mixing effect, expand the scope of processing raw materials, for processing magnetic, nano-composite materials have a significant advantage. Beijing Jian Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd., etc. developed steel-plastic composite profile extruder production line at the same time to solve the composite, foaming, coextrusion, cutting and other key technologies. Shanghai Jwell Extruder Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed a Pet/gpet coextrusion production line with a width of up to 2 meters.

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