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Machine Classification Of Blow Moulding Machine

Blow molding machine can be divided into extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine and special structure blow molding machine three main categories. The tensile blow moulding machine belongs to each of the above categories. Extrusion Blow molding machine is a combination of extruder and blow molding machine and clamping mechanism, which is composed of extruder and Parison die Head, Blow expansion device, clamping mechanism, parison thickness control system and transmission mechanism. Parison Die is one of the most important parts to determine the quality of blow moulding products, usually with side feed type die head and central feeding die head. Large-scale products using storage cylinder type mold head. The storage tank has a minimum volume of 1kg, the maximum is up to 240kg. The Parison thickness control device is used to control the wall thickness of parison, and the control point reaches up to 128 points, generally $number point. Extrusion blow molding machine can produce volume range of 2.5ml~104l Hollow Products.

Injection Blow moulding Machine is a combination of injection molding machine and blow molding mechanism, including plasticizing mechanism, hydraulic system, control apparatus and other mechanical parts. The common types are three-position injection blow molding machine and four-position injection blow moulding machine. Three station machine has prefabricated parison, blown up and demoulding three stations, each station is separated by 120 °. Four station machine is more than one pre-molding station, each station is 90 degrees apart. In addition, there is a two-position injection molding machine between the working station and 180 °. Injection blow molding machine production of plastic containers of precise size, no two times processing, but the cost of higher molds.

The special structure Blow moulding machine is a blow moulding machine of hollow body with special shape and use of sheet material, melt material and cold billet. Because of the different shapes and requirements of the manufactured products, the structure of the blow moulding machine varies.

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