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Packaging Machinery Industry Faces Severe International Competition

With the rapid development of agricultural products in recent years, the call of building a conservation-minded society, the development of circular economy and the strengthening of technological innovation has become the packaging machinery industry must go, but due to their own level of limitations, China's mechanical packaging industry to a large extent rely on technology introduction, China's packaging machinery industry is facing severe international competition.

Because of the small variety of packaging machinery products, low technical level, poor product reliability, so in the competition with foreign giants is not dominant, the relevant data show that China in the past two years processing and packaging equipment more than 80% rely on imports.

As other industries have a new demand for packaging products, more and more packaging machinery requirements, the daily production of efficient production machinery with automatic recognition function, the need to automatically identify the thickness of packaging materials, hardness, rebound strength, and so on, and the flexibility of the product requirements more and more high, The packaging machinery is required to have a high degree of flexibility and flexible, the production line allows within a certain size range of packaging can be changed. These have brought greater challenges and competition to packaging machinery enterprises.

With the continuous development of market economy, the increasing variety of goods, packaging machinery is also changing with the needs of the upgrade. Its production technology and production technology to continue to improve the performance and quality of packaging machinery to be improved, in this context of the emergence of automatic packaging machine, greatly meet the market expectations of the packaging industry.

In recent years, packaging enterprises are advocating to "innovation" as the focus of development, so that the packaging machine in the market forever vitality. Although the emergence of automatic packaging machine is a big breakthrough, but already in the domestic market to stabilize the foot of the automatic balers to the international market or the need for continuous progress of enterprises. Only enterprise reform can stimulate the potential of automatic packaging machine.

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