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Production Control Of Injection Mold Design For Hollow Blow Molding Machine

Most of the injection molds of the hollow Blow moulding machine are designed with several separate cooling zones. The neck and the bottom need to discharge the most heat, cooling in the Hollow blow molding machine Injection mold design has a challenging and very important significance. The drilling-type cooling pipeline is installed in the area where it needs to be cooled. For better production control. Thus the most effective cooling is required.

Therefore, the mold cavity is usually made by machine cutting. Copper alloy injection mold also has high heat transfer and good corrosion resistance. However, the production of injection mold materials must have a high thermal conductivity and sufficient blade strength of the cutting mouth. At present, Aluminum 70 75 manufactures most of the advanced alloys for injection molds.

The machining performance of the metal is good. Its cost is high, the price is expensive, also because its proportion three times times in aluminum, possibly in the molding machinery attrition is more serious. The steel alloy injection mold is easy to be repaired by welding or inlay method.

Because the strength and hardness of cast aluminum can not meet the requirements of cutting blade. The thermal conductivity of cast aluminum injection mold is worse than that of the cutting aluminum injection mold. The die cavity of the cutting mouth usually needs to be broken copper alloy or stainless steel inlay.

The operation hole and the shoulder area are inlaid with copper alloy or stainless steel. The two metals are inlaid on the bottom and neck. Casting injection molds can also be made of copper alloy casting. Casting by the steel mold cavity is relatively easy, Kirk alloy (zinc) castings can be made on the steel master die. The mold cavity and the floor slab are poured into a determined size. Because of the lack of strength of the Kirk alloy to cut off plastic. Because it relies on pressure or gravity casting. These cavities have many fine parts produced by a steel master mold or a ceramic injection mold.

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