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The Basic Principle Of Blow Moulding Machine

The automatic wind ring structure adopts double tuyere way, in which the air volume of the lower tuyere is kept constant, the upper port is divided into a plurality of air ducts, each duct is composed of a fan chamber, a valve and a motor, and the valve is adjusted by motor-driven valves to control the airflow of each duct.

During the control process, the thickness of the thin-film signal is detected and transmitted to the computer. The computer compares the thickness of the thickness signal with the current setting average, according to the deviation of the thickness and the trend of the curve, controlling the movement of the motor-driven valve, when the film is thick, the motor is moving forward, the air outlet is small; instead, the motor moves back, The tuyere increases, by changing the airflow on the circumference of the wind ring, adjusting the cooling speed of each point, so that the transverse thickness deviation of the film is controlled in the target range.

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